Single Girder Overhead Crane (1-20ton)


Different Types of the Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single girder overhesd crane is mainly used in warehouse, workshop, factory, steel stock yard, mine, the concrete industry, harbor and ship building, etc. it is applicable for many industrial workplaces serving various lifting applications. here are some crane running show from our clients.

Provide Lifting Solution Online:

Up to now, we have exported 50+ countries, more than 1000 sets, Customers from Indoneis, Australia, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. we are professional in design, production, delivery, installatio, and have extensive experience, so choose Aicrane, definitely a good choice. We are looking forward to get your detailed requirements.

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    I can not find the suitable crane, Whether you support customization?

    Yes, of course, we have our own overhead crane factory and engineer group. They can come up with a whole lifting solution according to your detailed requests, the primise is we need to know the detailed requirements first.

    How can I get presice quotatione earlier?

    The more detailed infor you offer, the earlier we can send precise quotation to you.

    1. Span:?
    2. Lift Height:?
    3. Lift Capacity:?
    4. Lift What:?
    5. Indoor/outdoor?
    6. Lift Speed: Single/Double/Variable?
    7. Travel Speed: Single/Double/Variable?
    8. Use Environment: Any explosive, combustible air? temperature?
    9. Workshop practical situation? Drawing.
    10. Use frequency? How many hours/day? How many times/hour?

    If the height from runway beam's surface to workshop's lowest point is too low, how i can choose a suitable crane for my project?

    1. Reduce the connection height of the main beam and end beam;
    2. Shorten crane’s self height;
    3. Choose the underlung overhead crane & low headroom overhead crane.

    Whether you can offer another matched spare parts?

    Yep, as crane manufacturer, we offer all the related spare parts, such as motor, hoists, drums, wheels, grabs, hooks, rails, travel beams, enclosed bus bar etc.