Ship to Shore Gantry Crane


Ship to Shore Container Crane

Ship to shore gantry crane is a kind of port crane that used in port for different load, ship to shore container crane can be designed and built with a range of outreaches and specification detail (hoisting capacity and span) according to clients detail requirements, single, twin and tandem lift configuration are also available to choose.Welcome to contact us online or send E-mail to know more details, Whatsapp: 18135697060 (Yan)

Features of the Ship to Shore Container Crane

1. Multi-function slewing and anti-snag technology;
2.Intelligent control on spreader track, realize automatic positioning.


Parameter of the Ship to Shore Container Crane

Parameter Range
Rated hoisting capacity under spreader 35~80 t
Outreach 25~70 m
Backreach 8~28 m
Span 16~42 m
Hoisting height above rail 10~45 m
Hoisting height below rail 12~18 m
Hoisting speed full load 40~90 m/min
Hoisting speed empty load 70~150 m/min
Trolley traversing speed 120~300 m/min
Gantry traveling speed 25~60 m/min
Max. raising/lowering angle 80

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