Safety Operation & Inspections

As we all know, heavy crane machinery is aimed to help lift or move the heavy material,so when it is working, we must comply with the  safety principles to ensure a relatively safe working environment.especially as a owner of the crane or other Aimix machinery, it is your responsibility to protect your staff safety. whether you order a crane from Aimix or not, we want to let you know below suggestion during you operate a crane.

1. Equipment or machine operators must hold special work permit. Apply for “lifting job security certificate” for lifting objects weighing more than 10 tons.
2. For lifting weight more 40t objects or civil engineering main structure, a hoisting construction solution should be developed. Lifting construction program shall be approved by the department in charge of construction and technical security sector and get the approval of the competent director or chief engineer.
3. Before lifting operations, it shall pre-set security alert flag at hoisting site and let someone custody, non-construction personnel is prohibited to enter.
4. There should be adequate lighting at night. It shall cease the operation in case of heavy snow, heavy rain, fog and strong wind above level 6 wind.
5. Lifting workers must wear helmets, helmets shall comply with the provisions of GB 2811, it must comply with HG 23014 for height operating.
6. Before lifting operations, check the overhead crane lifting equipment, rope, wind rope, chains, hooks and other equipment to ensure safe and reliable.


safe operation of the overhead crane


7. During lifting operations, there must be clear division of labor, duties according to the provisions of GB 5082 for signal contacts and unified command.
8. It is Prohibit for using pipes, pipe racks, poles, electrical and mechanical equipment as the lifting anchor. Without the approval of the mechanical and construction sector, buildings and structures cannot be used as the anchor.
9. It shall check the parts of lifting machinery, safety equipment and slings, rigging detailed security before operations. The safety device shall be sensitive and reliable. A lifting test must be carried out before lifting operation.
10. Any person shall not accompany with the lifting heavy objects or lifting machinery. In special cases, it should adopt reliable safety measures, and asked commanders for approval.
11. If need to use fire at the lifting site, it shall comply with the provisions of HG 23011. Hanging ropes, wind rope, tow rope, etc. shall avoid contact with the live line, and keep a safe distance.
12. Lifting weight must be within the predetermined load. Calculating before Using of spreader and Rigging. When lifting heavy objects is close to or reach the rated lifting capacity, users shall check the brakes, first try with a low height and short-stroke lifting, then smoothly lifted.
13. It is forbidden to stand, walk and work underneath the suspended weight.