Overhead Gantry Crane

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Overhead Gantry Crane

We provide a complete product line of overhead crane and gantry crane with capacities ranging from 1ton to 200ton, also we can customize a crane for your detailed and specific lifting application.

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Overhead Crane (single girder & double girder)

Overhead crane run along the track on the building beam, single and double girder overhead crane are available for arrangement, and overhead crane can operate on three axis: vertical and horizontal hook movement, crane operating mechanism, you can see the basic parameter with below:

Lifting Capacity:1~32t(Single Girder)

Lifting Capacity:5-320T(Double Girder)


Lifting Height: 6-18m

Customization: Support

Gantry Crane (single girder & double girder)

Electric gantry crane is slightly different from overhead crane, gantry crane is widely used outdoor, it doesn’t have building beam but is supported by two legs on the floor. also can be ride along a track or a rubber tyre. Single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane are can be customized for you. you can see the basic parameter with below:

Lifting Capacity:3.2~20t(Single Girder)

Lifting Capacity:5-500T(Double Girder)


Lifting Height: 6-12m

Customization: Support

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  • Automotive Industry-Press rooms-Foundries
  • Refuse Handling
  • Container Handling
  • Ship to Shore
  • RTG and RMG

  • Steel Mill Service-Scrap handling overhead and portal cranes
  • Power Plants
  • Cement Mills
  • Warehousing/storage
  • Roll handling warehouse and shipping

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