Marine Winch


Marine winch can be divided into anchor winch, mooring winch, anchor mooring, towing winch and capstan, different marine winches will  play a different role in working application.Making the right selection is determined by the destination, style and size of the boat or ship, as a professional and rich experience team, we will be glad to provide guidance when selecting the marine winch that are suitable for your boat or ship.

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Anchor Winch/Windlass

single drum anchor mooring winch

Anchor Mooring Winch

single drum anchor windlass mooring winch

Mooring Winch


Marine Capstan

Quotation Price

Detail:According to the different working conditions or environment, we can customize construction, marine and mine winch with different rated load or pull force, drum capacity, rope diameter, speed, power mode or any other special requirements.

1. Driven type?(Electric or Hydraulic)
2. Drum quantity? (one, two, three)
3. Working loading capacity?(Ton) or Pull force?(KN)
4 .Working speed?(m/min)
5. Rope diameter?(mm)
6. Working voltage?(Voltage—50Hz/60Hz—3Phase)

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