Marine/Construction Travel Lift for Boat

Marine travel lift (mobile boat hoist crane) is a kind of device on a shipyard to dry dock or launch new and repaired ships, which is a kind of flexible safe and reliable equipment. this equipment has a variety steering mode, bring its own power, which is suitable for yacht club, water amusement park, water training center, etc.

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Marine Travel Lift

Lifting Capacity: 10~1200t
Span Length: 6.5~25m
Lifting Height: Customer request
Travelling Speed:0-35m/min

Marine travle lift is a kind of non-standard crane, it usually needs to be customized to achieve the handling of the ship. according to your vessel sizes and weight, we will design the corresponding mobile boat hoist for you.

We have been developing and manufacturer mobile boat hoist for many years, therefore, the lift can be optimized for best fit. welcome to contact us for more details.

Different tons Marine Travel Lift You Can Choose:

Marine travel lift could be used to: 1.lift tug, yard, fishing boat, petrol boat; 2. launch and recovery of small boats and pontoons in Harbor; 3. lift deep keel sailing yachts; 4. lifting boats for repair and services; 5.transport large molds for large presses.


10 ton Wharf Travel Lift


15 ton Marine Travel Lift


20 ton Travel Lift for Boat

50 ton Travel lift boat hoist


100 ton Travel Lift for Ship Repair


200 ton Hoist Travel Lift Crane for Ship Repairing


300 ton Travel Lift Gantry Crane for Vessel Maintance


500 ton Travel Lift Transport Moulds

Features and Technical Data of the Marine Travel Lift:

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Marine travel lift adopts the soft belts to lift the boat against surface damage;
1. First, put the belt is lowered underwater;
2. Then the ship is floated above the support,;
3. Finally the belt with support and ship is lifted and the ship is brought to the level of the quay.
Our diesel general to provide power. the distance of the lifting points is adjustable according to our clients needs, tire traveling structures is features of simple with the function of oblique motion, Ackerman steering and rotary 360 degree place, with 4% of climbing ability when full load.
Choose your Mobile Boat Hoist according to the parameter below: welcome to contact us to inquiry price online.

Technical Parameter of Mobile Boat Lift
Model AQ-MBH-25 AQ-MBH-50 AQ-MBH-75 AQ-MBH-100 AQ-MBH-125 AQ-MBH-150 AQ-MBH-200 AQ-MBH-300 AQ-MBH-400 AQ-MBH-500 AQ-MBH-600
Rated lifting capacity 25t 50t 75t 100t 125t 150t 200t 300t 400t 500t 600t
Inside clear width 6.08m 6.64m 7.15m 9.54m 9m 11m 10.9m 11m 11.3m 11.9m 12.4m
Overall width 8m 9.46m 9.96m 12m 13.24m 15.6m 14.4m 15.96m 14.84m 16.24m 17.77m
Wheelbase 6.5m 7m 7.5m 9.5m 11m 11m 11m 12m 14.65m 18.5m 18.88m
Span 6.8m 8m 8.5m 10.5m 10.655m 12.65m 12.65m 13.5m 13m 14m 15m
Height under upper cross beam (Inside clear height of machine) 6.43m 8m 8m 8.53m 9.55m 10.5m 10.6m 10.6m 11.74m 12.7m 13.9m
Overall height 7m 9.3m 9.3m 9.8m 10.77m 13.8m 11.8m 12.3m 13.3m 14.3m 16.5m
Lifting point (Number of straps) 4 (2/4pcs) 4 (2/4pcs) 4 (2/4pcs) 4 (4pcs) 8 (4/8pcs) 8 (8/16pcs) 8 (8/16pcs) 6 (6pcs) 8 (16pcs) 8 (16pcs) 6 (12pcs)

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