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“Space is limited and parking is unlimited”. As the economic development, an increaseing number of cars appearing to our life, This makes the already crowded life more and more crowded, so how to solve the parking problem becomes an urgent task. Fortunately, Ellsen intelligent parking system help you resolving the everyday security issues. Our car parking systems is suitable for Indoor & Outdoor installations. And meet international standard and are affordable. Welcome all friends and partners to contact us to learn the intelligent parking system.

Different Intelligent Parking System from Aicrane

Automated Mechanical Intelligent Parking System

Automated Multi-level Car Parking System

Automated Multi-level Puzzle Parking System

Shuffle Parking System

Stack Parking System

Rotaty Car Parking System

Features and Advantages:

a. 2 parking spaces for 12 cars, maximized utilization rate of available space;
b. Takes average 70 seconds and up to 120 seconds to park or take your car, the vacancy plate is always at the lowest floor, efficient and convenient;
c. Automatic control, PLC, Frequency Control, less impact to equipment;
d. Simple operation, 4 ways to use it, card, buttons, remote control, mobile phone, App, etc.
e. Safe and reliable, If people approach, the equipment will automatically stop running;
f. Economical, short construction period, less consumption, green, nice appearance;
g. It adapts to the different needs of customers by setting the operating modes simply on the operation panel;
h. Ellsen smart garage can be installed in banks, hospitals, supermarkets, residential areas, enterprises and institutions, tourist areas, etc. with small footprint, large capacity, easy to install and move. Realizing that the capacity is 5-10 times than that of parking on the ground;

Technical Data

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