European Standard Gantry Crane


European Standard Gantry Crane

Lifting Capacity: 5~20t
Span Length: 12~30m
Lifting Height: 6~12m
Working Class: A5
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃
We can provide 0.5-800 Tons customized single and double girder gantry crane, also compared with common gantry crane, European standard gantry crane is a cost-effective choose for a long-term investment.

Advantages of European` Gantry Crane:

Compared with the traditional gantry crane, the European gantry crane has some features with below:
1. Adopt modularization design for lifting mechanism, FEM/DIN standard
2. Frequency control, smooth operation and high efficiency and low noise.
4. Beautiful appearance design, light weight, simple transportation.
5. Overall processing, high precision, low power consumption.
6. High quality, long service life.

Technical Data of the European Standard Gantry Crane

Capacity Span Lifting Work Main Hoist Aux.Hoist Cross Travel Long Travel Rail Total Power (Kw)
(t) (m) Height Duty Speed Speed Speed Speed
(m) (m/min) (m/min) (m/min) (m/min)
10 18~35 10 A5 0.78-7.8 3.3-33 3-30 43kg/m 21.74
20/5 18~35 10 A5 0.6-6 0.78-7.8 3.5-35 3-30 43kg/m 39.7
30/5 18~26 10 A5 0.5-5.2 0.78-7.8 3.1-31 3-30 43kg/m 59
26~35 12 3-30
50/10 18~26 10 A5 0.4-3.9 0.78-7.8 3.6-36 3-30 43kg/m 71.4
26~35 12 3-30
75~1000 Customized

Parts of the European Gantry Crane:


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