Electric Winches For Construction

electric winch for construction

JM Series Electric Winch

JM series electric winches is a gear reducer type drive type winch, It also can be applied to various large and medium concrete structure and the installation and disassembly of mechanical equipment. It is suitable for the civil construction and installation project in construction and installation company, mine lot and factory.

Application of the JM Series Electric Winch:

1.JM series electronic winch is a slow speed heavy tonnage winch, lifting or pulling material 1-100ton
2.JM electronic winch can be used to hoist, pull, load and draw heavy weights.
3.JM electronic winch can be widely used for road and bridge project, i.e. bridge, port, dock, and larges factories and mines, etc.

JK Series Electric Winch

JK series electric winch is mainly used for handling heavy weights and the weight and it also can be used as the lifting mechanism of cranes. JK electric winch is specially designed winch for derrick, gantry frame, and lifting trolley. It is suitable for small equipment installation and assembly used in mine, factory, etc.


Application of the JK Series Electric Winch:

1.JK series electronic winch is a fast speed heavy tonnage winch, lifting or pulling material 0.5~200 t.
2.JK electrc winch can be used to hoist, pull, load and draw heavy weights.
3.JK electric winch can be widely used for derrick, gantry frame, and lifting trolley, etc.

JMM Series Electric Winch

JMM electric winch is usually used for long distance traction of various kinds of large and super concrete and steel structure, steel cable, etc. JMM electric winch is suitable for all kinds of bridge engineering, large factories, mine engineering equipment installation.


Application of JMM Series Electric Winch:

1.JMM series electronic winch is aimed to pulling heavy material for long distance, pulling material 0.5~100 t.
2.JMM series electric winch can be used to hoist, pull, load and draw heavy weights.
3.JMM series electric winch can be widely used for construction industry (large factories), mine industry operation.

JK-D Series Electric Winch


Application of the JK-D Series Electric Winch:

1.JK-D electric winch is a new type of winch which can be an ideal replacement of traditional hoist, lifting or pulling material 0.75-30ton
2.JK-D electric winch is widely used in building construction, dock, bridges and metallurgical industries for lifting and installation.
The JK-D electric winch has the features of small teeth difference, compact structure, small volume, smooth running, convenient and easy maintenance, low noise and a long service life.

Electric Winch(JM/JK/JMM/JKD)

Aicrane electric winch is aimed to pull or lift heavy object vertically or in the horizon, according to your different working conditions and needs, we can provide many optional features machine. JM series electric slow speed winch, JK series electric high speed winch, JMM series frictionwinches, JK-D series planetary winch and JKL series drum piling winch. Each type of electric winch has its own features and advantages, which can find their places in the various applications and performs. welcome to contact us and leave your message:

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