Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead crane is designed to move, lift or transport heavy materials, which is are widely used for transferring heavy goods in factory, warehouse, workshop, processing plant, shipyard, and so on.  1-880ton overhead crane we can provide as your detailed needs.

Double Girder Overhead Crane for Different Occasion


20t Double Girder Overhead Crane in Philippins


25ton Trolley Overhead Crane Installed in Saudi Arabia


100ton Double Trolley Overhead Crane in Indonesia


20t Grab Overhead Crane for Crushed Materials


QC Electromagnetic Overhead Crane for Scarp Recycling

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100ton Heavy Duty Overhead Crane for Steel Ladle

Technical Data of the Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Capacity t 5 10 20 32 50
Span S(m) 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5
Lifting height m 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18
Lifting speed m/min 12.5 8.5 7.2 6 6
Work duty A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6
Track type P43 P43 P43 QU70 QU80
Capacity t 75 100 160 200 320
Span S(m) 10.5~31.5 13~31 13~31 13~31 13~31
Lifting height m 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18
Lifting speed m/min 3.9 3.1 3.7 2.6 2.4
Work duty A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6
Track type QU100 QU100 QU120 QU120 QU120

Inquiry Overhead Crane:

According to the different working conditions or environment, we can customize overhead crane with different tons, lifting height, span. and also you can choose the power source.

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