Double Girder Overhead Crane with Trolley

Electric double girder trolley overhead crane mainly consists of bridge, trolley-traveling mechanism, crab and electrical appliances, according to the use frequency. This crane operation is completed in driver’s chamber, remote control, or wired handle. and different working occasions obviously request different working class (A5, A6, A7, A8), Capcaty: 5T, 10T, 16/3.2T, 20/5T, 32/5T, 50/10T, 75/20T, 100/20T, 100/30T, 125/30T 150/30T, 160/32T, 200/50T, 400/80T, 450/100T, 550/250T


Double Girder Overhead Crane with Trolley

Lifting Capacity: 5~320t
Span: 10.5~31.5m
Lifting Height: 6~18m
Working Class: A5, A6, A7, A8
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃
Custom Design: Yes

Application of the Double Girder Overhead Crane with Trolley

Double girder electric trolley overhead crane is widely used in stockyard, workshop, warehouse, storage and other factories to lift long and big load (like wood, pipe and bar) or some sets of loads with two long distance lifting points. Since the crane adopts two trolleys to lift and transport heavy loads, its lifting capacity can be from 5 ton to 400 ton or more, and its work duty is A5 and A6, and its span is from 10.5 to 31.5m. also we can customized overhead crane according to your detail lifting request. interested in our overhead crane, contact us online now: whatsapp: 8618300703657(Maria)


Technical Parameter of  Double Girder  Overhead Cranes with Trolley

Capacity t 5 10 20 32 50 75 100 160 200 320
Span S(m) 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 13~31 13~31 13~31 13~31
Lifting height m 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18
Lifting speed m/min 12.5 8.5 7.2 6 6 3.9 3.1 3.7 2.6 2.4
Work duty A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6
Track type P43 P43 P43 QU70 QU80 QU100 QU100 QU120 QU120 QU120

Safety Features of Heavy Duty Workshop Bridge Cranes

  • 1. Crane traveling limit switch
  • 2. Weight overload protection device
  • 3. Lifting height limit device
  • 4. Emergency stop function

  • 5. Phase sequence protection function
  • 6. Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electrical cubicle
  • 7. Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound
  • 8. Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion


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