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February 24, 2019 Overhead crane European standard

This European standard single girder overhead crane are really working well, it has compact structure,easy operate.

Sakib Uddin
January 12, 2020 Overhead crane Single Girder

The crane and the sturcture look amazing and have the correct dimension according the drawing accepted.we believe that with this quality we can continue working with your brand.

overhead crane feedback
overhead crane saudi arabia

June 2, 2019 5 ton Gantry crane Double Girder

Thanks AICRANE helped us choose 5 ton double girder gantry crane and install it, which greatly improve working efficiently, make our lifting work easier.

5 ton duble grider gantry crane in UAE
5 ton double girder gantry crane
April 14, 2019 10 ton Gantry crane European Standard

First, i just want to buy a common gantry crane, thans Aicrane help us to choose a European standard gantry crane, it is more expensive but i think it is worthy.


Prakash shah
March,10, 2019 30 ton Electric Winch JM Slow Speed

Our 16 Units JM Electric Winch(30ton) has been installed successfully. Aicrane, professional, professional, professional, super professional///

JM 30ton electric winch fro construction
JM 30ton electric winch fro construction

Babore Sagaro
August,10, 2019 2 ton Overhead Crane LX Underlung Travelling

LX undelung travelling crane, i like it, work well, if you need, i do suggest buy from Aicrane.

Haruna Mussa
Sep,9, 2019 Gantry Crane Portable, Movable

Excellent purchasing experience, Portable, Mini, Movable, Mobile, very convenient.

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