Crane Case Show

Some Success Clients Sites Show from All Around the World


Gantry Crane Installed in Argentina

Installed in 2019,1,31

2 set MG 70t double girder gantry cranes In Argentina, to lift pre-supported beam.


Gantry Crane Installed in Chile

Installed in 2018,10

4 sets MG 60t double girder gantry cranes to lift containers in Chile.


Gantry Cranes installed in Thailand

–Installed in 2017.07

–1 set 5t double girder grab gantry crane has running in Thailand.


Gantry Cranes installed in Malaysia

–Installed in 2017.09

–1 sets 40t double girder gantry cranes are working well in Malaysia.


Gantry Cranes installed in Ethipoia

–Installed in 2019.02

–2 sets 10t single girder gantry cranes MH10t, installed in steel structure workshop.


Gantry Cranes installed in Chile

–Installed in 2018.10

–2 sets 50t double girder overhead cranes werw installed in Chile, help clients lifting heavy materilas.


Overhead Cranes Installed in Bangladesh

–Installed in 2016.03

–4 sets 50t double girder overhead cranes Installed in Bangladesh, help clients lifting heavy materilas in warehouse.


Overhead Cranes Installed in Uzbekistan

—Installed in 2019.01

–2sets LH 20t double girder overhead cranes were installed in Uzbekistan.


Overhead Cranes Installed in Saudi-Arabia

—Installed in 2018.02

–2sets 2sets HD 5t single girder overhead cranes installed in Saudi-Arabia, light weight, high working efficiency.


Overhead Cranes Installed in Dominica

—Installed in 2018.02

–1 sets LH 5t double girder overhead cranes installed in Dominica, get high praised on clients.


Overhead Cranes Installed in Kazakhstan

—Installed in 2019.03

–1set LD single girder overhead cranes in Kazakhstan, get high praised on clients.

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