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Overhead cranes are widely used in many different working conditions. Aimix group, a professional heavy crane supplier, provides different tons overhead crane with the lifting height, span. and power source you need. Welcome to choose overhead crane and contact us for more details.

Hot Sale Types of the Overhead Crane in Aimix Group

5 ton bridge crane

5 ton Overhead Crane

10ton bridge crane for sale

10 ton Overhead Crane


15 ton Overhead Crane

25ton double girder bridge crane

20 ton Overhead Crane


25 Ton Overhead Crane


30 Ton Overhead Crane


50 Ton Overhead Crane

100ton double girder bridge crane

100 Ton Overhead Crane

Technical Data of the Overhead Crane:

Capacity t 5 10 20 32 50
Span S(m) 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5 10.5~31.5
Lifting height m 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18 6~18
Lifting speed m/min 12.5 8.5 7.2 6 6
Work duty A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6 A5~A6
Track type P43 P43 P43 QU70 QU80

Success Case:

Reasonable structure, favorable performance, smooth starting and stopping, low noise, commodious cabin and good view, perfect safety protection. it will be a cost-effective choice for your project.

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We are a leading supplier in China local market, at same time, we have exported our overhead bridge cranes more than 70+ countries , including South Africa, Middle-East, Asia, North America, South America and so on, and until now we have office branch in Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, welcome to contact us for overhead crane.

Inquiry Crane Price

According to the different working conditions or environment, we can customize overhead crane with different tons, lifting height, span. and also you can choose the power source.

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    Customize overhead travelling crane, the following main parameters are needed:



    girder overhead crane?

    Lifting capacity: Ultimate load lifting capacity=


    Span: distance between the railway center =


    Lifting height: height of lifting from the ground to the lift center (Hook) =


    Use/Application: what is to be lifted

    Control methods:

    Remote controlCabin controlPanel control

    Special need:




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