Container Gantry Crane(RTG,RMG)



Container gantry crane(RTG) is a mobile gantry crane that move on the rubber tyre and on rails or tracks. It is suitable for loading ,unloading 20, 40, 45, standard containers and transferring heavy material in port. the lifting height of the container gantry crane is determined according to the clients detail requirement, you can choose 3 stacked containers together, 4 stacked containers together and the fifth can pass.


Container Gantry Crane

Capacity of Spreader: 36t, 40.5t
Span: 26m, 30m, 35m,
Base Distance: Customized Design
Lifting Height: Customized Design
Note: RTG, RMG Container gantry crane is dedicated machinery, container yard stacking operations are widely used in ports and container freight yard.welcome to contact us if you want our products.

Technical characteristics of container gantry crane

1. The energy feedback device can effectively save energy.
2. The eight-rope anti-broadcasting mechanism of the container spreader space effectively prevents the swing and twist of the spreader.
3. The intelligent fault detection system can better analyze and warn the equipment.
4. Separate electric house and running trolley reduce the running load of the car and reduce energy consumption.
5, the advanced cart walking automatic correction system, reducing the problem of the rails of the cart, and improving the service life of the equipment.
6, intelligent security monitoring and management system, better suited to the needs of freight yard security monitoring and automated management.


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