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Aicrane, The Professional Electric Construction/Engineering Winch Manufacturer & Supplier
With the development of technology, winches have been widely used in different industries, especially in construction and marine engineering. According to different situations, we can customize different winches. If you plan to buy a winch, please contact us and we will provide you with professional advice to help you get the perfect winch.

JM Low Speed Electric Winch
Model: JM
Loading Capacity: 0.5~80 t ;
Rope Capacity: 20~3600 m;
Working Speed: 5~20 m/min;

JK Fast Speed Electric Winch
Model: JK
Loading Capacity: 0.5~100 t
Rope Capacity: 20~500 m
Working Speed: 20~35 m/min

2JKL Double Drum Piling Winch
Model: 2JKL
Loading Capacity: 1~100 t;
Rope Capacity: 20~500 m
Working Speed: 20~36 m/min

JMM Friction Type Winch
Model: JMM
Loading Capacity: 0.5~100 t
Wire Rope Capacity:20~5000 m
Working Speed:5~20 m/min

JKL Piling Winch
Model: JKL
Loading Capacity: 1~80 t;
Rope Capacity: 20~500 m
Working Speed: 20~36 m/min

JKD Planetary Winch
Model: JKD
Loading Capacity: 0.75-2 t
Wire rope Capacity:20~200 m
Working Speed:20~35 m/min

JT Variable Speed Winch
Model: JT
Loading Capacity: 3-80 t
 Rope Capacity:20~500 m
Working Speed:0~30 m/min

Details: According to the different working conditions or environment, we can customize construction, marine and mine winch with different rated load or pull force, drum capacity, rope diameter, speed, power mode or any other special requirements.

Success Case Show


Low Speed Electric Winch installed in Philippines

2 sets 5 ton JM low speed electric winch
engineering projects on land to lift, pull or tow heavy loads or materials.If you are interested in AiCRANE electric winch, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Electric Winch Shipped to Malaysia 2019.10.20

30 ton electric winch from Aicrane, shipped to Malaysia, 2019.10.20,
used in clients factory.our clients said that utilizing AICRANE electric winch, their work efficiency and safety have significantly increased
5 ton Electric Winch for our Indonesia Customer
The Indonesia customer bought four electric winch from our company, winch the price we give to customers the greatest benefits, ...
JM 30ton electric winch fro construction
In August 2019, Aimix group delivered 16 units 30ton JM slow speed electric winch for our Turkish clients, it is ...
Features: 1. JK series electric winch commonly used for construction factory, port, mine; 2. Loading Capacity: 1-100ton 3. Mainly applied ...
Vietnamese customer purchased a 50 ton electric construction winch and 80 ton electric construction winch for their facility, the wire rope ...

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