5ton Overhead Crane



5 ton Overhead Crane Parameter

Span Length 7.5~31.5m, support customization
Lifting Height 6~18m, support customization
Working Class A3-A6
Ambient Temperature -20~40℃

Note: Above data is just for your reference, if you need to customize overhead crane, you can contact us online and we are confident to provide suitable crane for your materials lifting.

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single and double girder overhead crane

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On inquiry overhead travelling crane, the following main parameters are needed:

  • Girder: Single girder overhead crane / double girder overhead crane?
  • Lifting capacity: Ultimate load lifting capacity= ____tons.
  • Span: distance between the railway center = ____ meters.
  • Lifting height: height of lifting from the ground to the lift center (Hook) = ____ meters.
  • Use/Application: what is to be lifted ____________________
  • Control methods: Remote control / Cabin control /Panel control
  • Frequency = ____.
  • Voltages = ____.

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