3 Sets of Gantry Crane Shipped to Uzberkistan

10 ton Single Gantry Crane for Lifting Heavy Loads in Shipyard

Detailed Parameters:

10 ton single girder Gantry crane is a type of heavy duty equipment for loading, unloding or grabing materials in client’s shipyard, it is used toghther with CD model electric hoist. With regards to their design, durable structural steel can be used to ensure the gantry crane can be as resilient as you can. Additionally, advanced welding and fabrication techniques are utilized to ensure there are actually no weak spots inside the crane, which ultimately lends the crane impeccable strength;

Products Details: Capacity: 10 ton
Span: 5m ~ 20m
Lift Height: 3m ~ 15m
Work Duty: A3
Customer’s Initial Inquiry content: I am looking for outdoor gantry crane, load/unload max 10 ton quarry/rocks, please make an offer for suitable crane.

10 ton gantry crane
10 ton gantry crane

10 ton gantry crane


Overall, it really is obviously to say that investing in a high quality gantry crane is a brilliant go on to make if you need any kind of heavy lifting capabilities to get performed in the repetitive manner. A gantry crane is obviously easier than the usual manual crane too, so it is wise to contact us now and make your lift easier.

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