1-200T Electric Winch (Construction/Marine)

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It can be used for road building ( pulling, lifting), marine industry (anchoring, mooring, towing) and mine hoisting machinery. It is widely used because of its simple operation, large rope winding and convenient displacement. until now, many clients from building, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf and other materials lifting or flat towing have experienced big convenient because of winch.

0.5-100t Electric Winch for Construction

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JM Slow Speed Electric Winch

Loading capacity: 1~200 t
Wire rope capacity: 20~500 m
Working speed: 5~20 m/min

JK Fast Speed Electric Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~60 t
Wire rope capacity: 20~500 m
Working speed: 20~35 m/min


JMM Friction/Slipway Winch

Loading capacity: 10~100 t ;
Wire rope capacity:20~5000 m;
Working speed:5~20 m/min;


JKD Planetary Electric Winch

Loading capacity: 0.75-3 t ;
Wire rope capacity:20~200 m;
Working speed:20~35 m/min;


JT Variable Speed Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5-30 t ;
Wire rope capacity:20~500 m;
Working speed:0~30 m/min;

1-50ton pilling winch

Drum Pilling Winch

Loading capacity: 1~100 t
Wire rope capacity:20~5000 m
Working speed:5~20 m/min

Chain & Wire Rope Electric Winch for Marine & Ship(0.5-200t)


Electric Anchor Winch for Marine

Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
Chain diameter:Customized
Working speed:0 ~ 15 m/min

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Electric Mooring Winch for Marine

Loading capacity:10 ~ 1000 KN
Wire rope capacity:Customized
Working speed:Customized

electric towing winch for sale

Electric Towing Winch

Loading capacity:10 ~ 3000 KN;
Wire rope capacity:0 ~ 3000m;
Working speed:0 ~ 30 m/min;

1-20t electric capstan

Electric Vertical/Horizontal Capstan

Loading capacity: 0.5 ton- 35ton
Wire rope capacity: customized
Working speed: ≥8m/min or customized

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